Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exactly why I'm saving myself for Heaven: anything and everything is yours Upstairs. Would God lie? Who's Truth incarnate? Just like my title above, I have a whooole lotta thots on the length, breadth of eternity and being one with Her (an infinite number of Her I must remind you; vice-versa for females) - not only because I actually saw Heaven for a split second after our wreck, but III reasons why: ONE: the length of time the Trinity has for you in Heaven is as countless as the little-bitty-atoms-running-around the circumference of the universe nonillions of times; TWO: my mind is literally 'outta-this-world' and THREE: I wanna hold-on to the exponential love (the earth is 3D, right? the Great Beyond is as many Ds as you desire). I'm not of this earth, I have no business here, I'm leaving as soon as my last breath expires into thin air. As I told you many times before, too, we can have anything and everything and more Upstairs (seems most interesting now: we won't croak, couldn't ask for more, and, if you want more, just ask), thus, you must have an IQ of 6.66 to wanna go down through blowing-up shit: killing human babies, which the BO is adept at, is anathema Nevertheless, crazy as that may sound, that's apparently his own choice not to receive Heaven as his final reward --- Wanna gonna give you another dimension on the length of forever. Think of the literal sun made by the Son. If the sun has a radius of 100 times the size of the earth, 1,000,000!! earths could fit inside (Betelguese, a supergiant - how many suns could fit inside?) My point being, it would be very, verrry dumb to turn-away from God at death's hour and face an eternity without Him; not to mention the torture of knowing you had that one chance, but facing the fact you have to NOW spend 1,000,000... years times the expotential (1 million X 100 million X the thirst X the hunger X the heat X nobody liking you X nobody to tok to X you're exhausted X the Fugliness of creatures X whatever Satan has planned for you in the Abyss X absolutely lottsa nadda X forever and ever. those dots ... mean eternity) --- Now, think about Heaven and how Heaven is beyond anything we could ever imagine: a planet the size of Betajooce, sunny, partly cloudy, palm trees surround'n palaces, moats and drawbridges, eternal 69ish degrees, bike not breaking down EVER!! girls in bikinis, girls laying-out, girls saying HIGH, girls waiting for you on a park bench in-the-middle-of-nowhere reading your book, shy girls, girls with pigtails and ponytails, as you feed'm baklava with Starbucks, sleep-overs, slow dancing withem to classical, and/or just getting a feather duster and slowly stroking Her tummy. Everything and anything and more - the tip of the iceberg. Just to be withem and hold'm and kiss'm for hours, boy, that's my Utopia; the love I'll express is beyond the envelope, beyond Lou-Dobbs-hyperbole (can ya dig it?), beyond the groovement-movement: I'll have a BIG-ol party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for years and years. You're most invited. Just gotta drop our pride. Who wouldn't want that??????? Precisely why I have come to realize through my 45 years that if you DON'T leave everything and focus on achieving Heaven, your 'summum bonum' (Latin: highest good), where you can possess everything, you've lost everything --- For those few who actually achieve the Great Beyond these days when mortal sin is so #@!! prevalant? We think absolutely nuthin of it? We just follow the herd on the whorizontal like sheep without a Good Shepard??? God sez, 'Eye has not seen...' You cannot stay here. All of U.S. must croak someday - Death, Judgment, Heaven or Hell. Believest what thou wanna. So, decide if this whorizontal, finite existence is really worth the slow, unraveling, unending joy of Heaven. Meet me in Heaven, girls. You will NOT BE disappointed with no endNsight.

"It is impossible that anyone should not receive ALL that they have believed and hoped to obtain; it gives Me great pleasure when people hope great things from Me and I shall always grant them more than they expect" -our Lord to Sister Gertrude in 1221